Inside Edition On the BHS Staff

Inside Edition On the BHS Staff

Aissatou Barry, Staff Writer

Who is the staff around BHS? Around the school, they are known as Mr, Ms, Mrs, Coach, and even Officer. They come to school, follow a similar schedule as the students, wake up early, head to school on time and go to class, check to make sure everything is alright, and sit inside their office or class to continue on with the day. When passing period comes, they are also spotted either outside their classroom with students also rushing to class or preparing for the next class to come in. But, how much do we really know about the staff at BHS? We will uncover the deep dive of the seemingly normal staff at BHS.

Starting off, is Algebra teacher Mr. Hiss. With math running in his head all day, what are some of his hobbies? Mr. Hiss said, “Outside of school, I like to play golf when it’s warm outside. I started playing golf in high school with my friends to pick up a new hobby and [it] just stuck with [me].” Ultimately Mr. Hiss says, “[Golf] helps me get away from life and go have fun with [my] friends.” 

Next, there is French teacher Mrs. Paul. “I really like working out, especially in the summer when it’s nice outside, listening to music, and taking walks outside with my dog and my husband.” She also added, “ I think it’s important to do something for yourself everyday. It helps you have a better balance in life.”


Next up is student teacher Mr. Ferguson who helps teach math and computer science. “My biggest hobby right now is cheer and working out.” Mr. Ferguson adds, “I just finished cheering for IU for four years, and for their next season, I will be coaching; I have been cheering for six years.” He concludes by saying his favorite thing about cheer which is “the people and its development as a person, and how it gives you a personality and helps you come out of your shell.”


We have Mrs. Mendall next who is a AP Calculus and Computer Science teacher. Here is what she has to say: “I love traveling. When I was a kid, my family used to take family vacations everywhere. We would go to Colorado for family vacations.” She adds, “Once I was in college, I would try to travel on my breaks. I went to Boston one year, I went to California one year, and once I started teaching and had a job, I would always try to go somewhere with my family. We especially love national parks since we make some great memories. My favorite place to travel to is Europe and the farthest place I’ve been is Ukraine. I went to Ukraine twice on missions trips.”

Last but not least we have Officer Leahy. “My favorite hobbies include Legos; specifically, I really like Star Wars Legos [and] both of my kids really enjoy putting those together with me. I spend a lot of time going to my kids’ events. My daughter does gymnastics, my son does football and wrestling, so a lot of my hobbies tend to be watching them compete in sports. I do a little bit of video gaming kind of like football and that kind of stuff, but that’s about it. For me, Legos are really relaxing. It’s just kind of a separation from reality, and I do that to just kind of give myself peace.”

With all these responses, the BHS staff has one thing in common: their hobbies tend to help them relax and give them a sense of ‘me’ time. Just like students, the BHS staff also tends to get tired and worn out with school, so it’s important to have these hobbies for themselves to give them a nice refresher.