Teacher Dedication at Brownsburg


Caleb Peschke and Renee Walmoth

Teachers across the nation work very hard in and out of the school day and year. Brownsburg teachers specifically have done a lot to support their students through the school year. 

Our teachers need to stay as motivated as we do, or else we do not get everything out of the classes that we are in.

Advanced Math Teacher Mrs. Knobel said, “I am here in the morning to help you guys. I don’t want you guys to fail.”

It makes students feel well knowing they have a teacher willing to help them when they are struggling in a class. 

“If you are not understanding the content, we can either go over it individually or in the lab as a group,” Mrs. Peterson said.

As the quarter is coming to an end, students are stressed about their various class deadlines. Stress heightens and can be visible to both classmates and teachers. 

“English is very difficult as I feel the most judged on it. Everyone in my house reads the essay I wrote before I can submit it,” sophomore Brea Walters said.­

The classes high school students take vary in difficulty depending on how the students view the class. Classes may be extremely easy or may be incredibly taxing on the mind.

“School is not hard as long as you apply yourself. You typically have to try to get bad grades. It is less than the bare minimum in a class. It is the easiest to fail if you do not apply yourself,” senior Brayden Walters said.

Teachers from far away and nearby work as effectively and efficiently as they can to bring their students the success they need to pass the class. This ranges from helping before school, improving teaching techniques, uploading screencasts to Schoology and allowing studying days during the class periods.

Thank you to all our teachers for what you do.